*EasyAccents.txt*	EasyAccents				Aug 30, 2010

Author:  Charles E. Campbell  <NcampObell@SdrPchip.AorgM-NOSPAM>
	 (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2004-2010 by Charles E. Campbell		*easyaccents-copyright*
           The VIM LICENSE applies to EasyAccents.vim and EasyAccents.txt
           (see |copyright|) except use "EasyAccents" instead of "Vim"
	  No warranty, express or implied.  Use At-Your-Own-Risk.

1. Contents    				*easyaccents* *easyaccents-contents*

	1. Contents.................: |easyaccents-contents|
	2. EasyAccents Manual.......: |easyaccents-manual|
	3. Installation.............: |easyaccents-install|
	4. EasyAccents History......: |easyaccents-history|


2. EasyAccents Manual  					*easyaccents-manual*

	The map >
<	will toggle EasyAccents on and off.  Actually, its >
<	so you may specify the leading character for the map.

	Alternatively, you may use the >
<	command to toggle EasyAccents between on and off.

	These maps all work during insert mode.  Type a' a` A' c, etc and
	accented characters result.  ([aeioubcAEIOUBC], then accent)

	If you want a vowel (or [bBcC]) to be followed by an accent character,
	use a backslash to escape it:  a\'  for example will become a'

	By default, the mapping <Leader>eza will toggle EasyAccents, too, by
	calling <Plug>ToggleEasyAccents.  Since <Plug> is used, you may
	override the default mapping with one of your choice: >
		map <Leader>EZA	<Plug>ToggleEasyAccents
<	where you may change EZA to whatever you wish.

	If g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst is set to zero in your <.vimrc>,
	  then                'a `a `A ,b ,c  etc.
	  (gvim) will map to   á  à  À  ß  ç
	  (accent, then [aeioubcAEIOUBC])

	If g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst is set to one in your <.vimrc> (also default)
	  then                a' a` A` b, c,  etc.
	  (gvim) will map to  á  à  À  ß  ç
	  ([aeioubcAEIOUBC], then accent)

	New with version 6:
	  Also          a@ A@ D@ e@ E@ N~ p@ u@ x@
	  (gvim) map to  å Å  Ð  æ  Æ  Ñ  Þ  µ  ×

	New with version 9: (thanks to Kevin Monceaux)
	                ?@ !@ n~ o~ d@
			¿  ¡  ñ  õ  ð

	Caveat: the maps will not work if "set paste" is on, so that's
	       another way to bypass EasyAccents as needed.

		   EasyAccent Sequence : Output Table
	    | S  O     S  O     S  O    S  O    S  O    S  O |
	    | E  U     E  U     E  U    E  U    E  U    E  U |
	    | Q  T     Q  T     Q  T    Q  T    Q  T    Q  T |
	    | a' á     e' é     i' í    o' ó    u' ú    y' ý |
	    | a` à     e` è     i` ì    o` ò    u` ù    y` ỳ |
	    | a~ ã     e~ ẽ     i~ ĩ    o~ õ    u~ ũ    y~ ỹ |
	    | a: ä     e: ë     i^ î    o: ö    u: ü    y: ÿ |
	    | a^ â     e^ ê     i: ï    o^ ô    u^ û    y^ ŷ |
	    | A' Á     E' É     I' Í    o@ œ    U' Ú    Y' Ý |
	    | A` À     E` È     I` Ì    O' Ó    U` Ù    Y` Ỳ |
	    | A~ Ã     E~ Ẽ     I~ Ĩ    O` Ò    U~ Ũ    Y~ Ỹ |
	    | A: Ä     E: Ë     I: Ï    O~ Õ    U: Ü    Y: Ÿ |
	    | A^ Â     E^ Ê     I^ Î    O: Ö    U^ Û    Y^ Ŷ |
	    | a@ å     e@ æ             O^ Ô    u@ µ         |
	    | A@ Å     E@ Æ             O@ Œ                 |
	    | b, ß     d@ ð     N~ Ñ    r@ ř    x@ ×         |
	    | c, ç     D@ Ð     o/ ø    s, ş    ?@ ¿         |
	    | C, Ç     n~ ñ     O/ Ø    S, Ş    !@ ¡         |


3. Installation						*easyaccents-install*

	EasyAccents is now designed to be toggled on and off.  When on it may
	interfere with programming languages which often use characters such
	as single-quotes, backquotes, etc.


4. EasyAccents History					*easyaccents-history*

v10 Aug 03, 2010 :	* ino <buffer> maps need to paired with iunmap <buffer>
    Aug 30, 2010	* works with |'ve'|= or ve=all, g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst
			  =0 or =1, when inserting, appending, or escaping.
v9  Jan 28, 2005 :	* moved usage and installation instructions to this help file
			* g:loaded_EasyAccents (containing version number when loaded)
			  is now separated from b:EasyAccentsOn, which indicates if
			  EasyAccents is enabled/disabled on a buffer-by-buffer basis
			* Now includes mappings for y and Y as vowels
			* Now includes a mapping for r@ (ř)
    Feb 04, 2008	* Included additional accented character support
			  (ñ ð ¿ ¡ and a \@ fix, tnx to Kevin Monceaux)
    Aug 12, 2008	* :EZA command implemented
v8  May 25, 2004 :	* changed \ea to \eza to make EasyAccents cooperate with
v7  May 19, 2004 :	* bugfix: first-column, no virtual edit -> no accented
			  character.  Fixed
v6  Nov 18, 2003 :	* maps for a@ A@ D@ e@ E@ N~ p@ u@ x@ now included
v5  Aug 21, 2003 :	* included g:EasyAccents_VowelFirst option
			* fixed insert vs append bug