HelpExtractor.txt         The Help Extractor           May 25, 2005

Author: Charles E. Campbell, Jr.
Copyright: (c) 2004-2005 by Charles E. Campbell, Jr.    helpextractor-copyright
           The VIM LICENSE applies to HelpExtractor.vim and HelpExtractor.txt
           (see copyright) except use "HelpExtractor" instead of "Vim"
           No warranty, express or implied.  Use At-Your-Own-Risk.

1. Contents                HelpExtractor helpextractor-contents
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2. HelpExtractor                                           helpextractor

        The help extractor is intended to help plugin writers.  Distribution
        will consist of a single file with both the plugin and its help
        embedded in it.  When the user brings up your plugin, the help
        for it will be automatically and transparently placed in the ../doc
        directory and :helptags run to make the help available.


          1. Put the text of HelpExtractor.vim file at the end of your plugin.
          2. Put your help file after the "Help ExtractorDoc:" label (end-of-file)

        The resulting plugin will then have the following format:

               Your Plugin
               " HelpExtractor:
               " HelpExtractorDoc:
               Your Plugin Help File

        When the user puts your plugin in the .vim/plugin directory, the
        plugin will delete the HelpExtractor from it and create the help file
        (using the plugin's name, less the suffix, plus ".txt") in the ../doc

        The Help Extractor also will remove itself from your plugin.