*hicurline.txt*	The HiCurLine Tool		May 20, 2009

Author:  Charles E. Campbell  <NcampObell@SdrPchip.AorgM-NOSPAM>
	  (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2004-2009 by Charles E. Campbell		*hicurline-copyright*
           The VIM LICENSE applies to HiCurLine.vim and HiCurLine.txt
           (see |copyright|) except use "HiCurLine" instead of "Vim"
	   No warranty, express or implied.  Use At-Your-Own-Risk.

1. Contents						*hicurline-contents*

	1. Contents......................: |hicurline-contents|
	2. Installing HiCurLine..........: |hicurline-install|
	3. HiCurLine Manual..............: |hicurline|
	4. HiCurLine Usage...............: |hicurline-usage|
	     Starting....................: |hicurline-start|
	     Stopping....................: |hicurline-stopping|
	     User Map Protection.........: |hicurline-protect|
	     Highlighting Options........: |hicurline-option|
	5. HiCurLine History.............: |hicurline-history|

2. Installing HiCurLine					*hicurline-install*

    1. Move/copy HiCurLine.tar.gz to
         unix/linux: ~/.vim
	 Windows   : ...\vimfiles
    2. gunzip HiCurLine.tar.gz
    3. tar -oxvf HiCurLine.tar
    4. vim
       :helptags doc
    5. This step is only for those who wish to have HiCurLine start up

       a) if you want HiCurLine to start up for all files:
          Put the following line in your <.vimrc> (or vimfiles, for Windows): >

	  let g:HiCurLineOn= 1
       b) if you want HiCurLine to start up automatically but only for
          specific filetypes.  For example, assume such a filetype is
	  for the C language: >

          mkdir ftplugin  (if ftplugin/ doesn't already exist)
	  cd ftplugin
	  mkdir c         (if ftplugin/c doesn't already exist)
	  cd c
    	  echo "HCLstart" >> c.vim

3. HiCurLine Manual					*hicurline*
	To Enable:

   || Starting &   |                                                        ||
   || Stopping     | Explanation                                            ||
   || <Leader>hcli | start  HiCurLine                                       ||
   || :HCLstart    | start  HiCurLine                                       ||
   || <Leader>hcls | stop   HiCurLine                                       ||
   || :HCLstop     | stop   HiCurLine                                       ||
   || :HCL         | toggle HiCurLine                                       ||

 You may also choose from the DrChip.HiCurLine menu items if you're running
 gvim.  Check on vim's help for mapleader |mapleader| to learn how to set
 <Leader>; by default its the backslash - ie. by default \hcli will start and
 \hcls will stop HiCurLine.

3. HiCurLine Usage					*hicurline-usage*

    See |hicurline-start| and |hicurline-stop| for how to start and
    stop HiCurLine.

    The HiCurLine plugin attempts to highlight the current line.

    As of version 4, such overloaded motions include:

		-  h  L      <c-d>   <home>
		+  H  M      <c-f>   <left>
		b  j  w      <c-u>   <leftmouse>
		B  k  <cr>   <down>  <right>
		e  l  <c-b>  <end>   <up>

    Because vim is rich with commands that can move the cursor, the
    script also uses the CursorHold event (see |CursorHold| and
    |'updatetime'|) to highlight the current line whenever the
    cursor is left still for awhile.

STARTING						*hicurline-start*
    let g:HiCurLineOn= 1    (in your .vimrc or vimfiles)

    Typically one puts <hicurline.vim> into the .vim/plugin directory
    (vimfiles\plugin for MS) where it becomes always available.  It uses a
    minimal interface:

	<Leader>hcli : initialize highlighting of matching brackets
	            (by default its \hcli)

    A message, "[HiCurLine]", will appear on the message line.

    I've had it reported to me that sometimes HiCurLine can cause
    the entire file to be highlighted.  The fix was:

      remove the .viminfo file
      vim HiCurLine.vim

    I'm not sure what the .viminfo file had that caused difficulties, but
    the second part of the solution probably changed the file's fileformat
    to one more acceptable to the o/s.  (HiCurLine.vim is delivered with
    ff=unix; see :he 'ff')

STOPPING				*hicurline-stop* *hicurline-stopping*

    When you are done with HiCurLine, use

	    <Leader>[hcls : stop highlighting of matching brackets
	            	(by default its \hcls)

    will restore your usual options and remove the maps HiCurLine set up.

    A message, "[HiCurLine off]", will appear on the message line.

USER MAP PROTECTION					*hicurline-protect*

    Starting HiCurLine causes it to set up a number of maps which enables
    the highlighting of matching brackets in normal mode.  A few keypad
    entries in insert mode are also supported (up, down, right, left, home,
    and end).  Upon termination these maps are deleted and any previously
    defined mappings are restored.


    g:DrChipTopLvlMenu: by default its "DrChip"; you may set this to whatever
                        you like in your <.vimrc>.  This variable controls
			where HiCurLine's menu items are placed.
    HL_HiCurLine      : syntax highlighting group used for the current
                        line.  One may specify it or link it to another
                        highlighting group.  Default: Search >
			    ex. hi link HL_HiCurLine Statement
    HL_HiCurLine      : As an alternative to using the syntax group named
                        above; its a variable holding a highlighting group
			name (see |highlight-groups| for a standard list). >
			    ex. let HL_HiCurLine= "Special"

4. History						*hicurline-history*

	v8   05/20/09 * cecutil bugfix
	v7   12/28/05 * now uses cecutil to save/restore user maps
	     01/19/06 * Like HiMtchBrkt(), HiCurLine now uses a HCLMapper()
	                function to implement command overloading.  Stacks
	                previous maps, for example.
	     01/19/06 * CursorHold time changed to 2 seconds
	     01/20/06 * g:HiCurLineOn variable for auto-startup installed
	     03/01/06 * turns matchparen off automatically (incompatible)
	v6   07/26/04 * Had fold markers; now also has fdm=marker in modeline
	              * \hclt will toggle between highlighting the current
	                line and not
	              * Cursorhold/FocusGained update time now set to 200ms
	     02/18/05 * Some cosmetic folding changes
	              * go =~ 'm' now used in test to see if menus are to be
	     11/22/05 * commands changed to remove <cr>s
	v5   07/13/04 * Now uses CursorHold to check if the colorscheme
	                has been changed and, if so, to make sure HL_HiCurLine
	                is defined.  Included support for gg and G motions.
	                More debugging commands included, albeit commented
	                out for release.
	v4   06/23/03 * HL_HiCurLine : now holds the highlighting
	                group (by default, Search); allows the user
	                to override it
	v3   02/10/03 * same as v2, but got submitted somehow as v3
	                to vim.sf.net
	v2   02/06/03 * removed some unnecessary maps (f( f) $ 0 etc)
	                that were "leftover" from HiMtchBrkt
	                includes more motions: (+-HML)
	                uses CurSorHold to catch what I've missed so far
	v1   epoch    * modified <HiMtchBrkt.vim>