*ReadStub.txt*	Stub File Reader			Mar 18, 2014

Author:    Charles E. Campbell      <NcampObell@SdrPchip.AorgM-NOSPAM>
           (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2014 by Charles E. Campbell     	*ReadStub-copyright*
           The VIM LICENSE applies to ReadStub.vim (see |copyright|)
	   except use "ReadStub" instead of "Vim"

1. Contents					*ReadStub* *ReadStub-contents* {{{1

	1. Contents.................: |ReadStub-contents|
	2. ReadStub Manual..........: |ReadStub-manual|
	3. History..................: |ReadStub-history|

2. ReadStub Manual	       		*ReadStubman* *ReadStubmanual* *ReadStub-manual* {{{1

	ReadStub assumes

		* that there is a stub file containing directory somewhere
		* that the environment variable $STUB points to it
		* in that directory are stub.suffix files

	When one opens a new file, ReadStub will be called and will

		* look for stub.suffix files in the $STUB directory,
		  where suffix is the same as the suffix of the new

		* read in the stub.suffix file

		* make some standard substitutions to the new file's
		  copy of the stub file:

		    STUB          -> basename of new file (along with a dot
		                     and suffix, if any suffix)
		    STUBDATE      -> current date (month day, year)
		    STUBCOPYRIGHT -> year (yyyy)

		* if the text "STUBSTART" appears somewhere in the new file's
		  copy of the stub file:

		    STUBSTART      : cursor will be placed on this line,
		                     and STUBSTART text will be elided

3. History						*ReadStub-history* {{{1

	v1:	Feb 06, 2014	* initial release
		Mar 18, 2014	* adjusted substitutes so that s/STUB/.../
				  is usable and used instead of s/\<STUB\>/.../

Modelines: {{{1