*blockhl.txt*	Block Highlighting			Mar 15, 2010

Author:    Charles E. Campbell  <NcampObell@SdrPchip.AorgM-NOSPAM>
           (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2002-2010 by Charles E. Campbell		*blockhl-copyright*
           The VIM LICENSE applies to blockhl.vim, and blockhl.txt
           (see |copyright|) except use "blockhl" instead of "Vim"

1. Contents					*blockhl-contents* {{{1

	1. Contents.................: |blockhl-contents|
	2. Manual...................: |blockhl-manual|
	3. History..................: |blockhl-history|

2. Manual				*blockhl* *blockhl-manual*

This plugin modifies the highlighting for C and C++ files, producing various
colors of gray for leading white space based upon the current indentation
<	This command toggles indentation block highlighting.
 DrChip.Toggle Block Highlighting
<	This menu item uses :ToggleBlockHL to toggle indentation block
	highlighting (gvim only, menus must be enabled)
 let g:blockhl_enabled= 1
<	This variable causes block highlighting to be enabled at startup if
	placed in one's .vimrc
 let g:DrChipTopLvlMenu= "DrChip."
<	This variable controls the name of the top-level menu blockhl
	produces.  The default value is shown.  You may change this by
	putting a similar line in your .vimrc with your own custom string.

3. History						*blockhl-history*

 6  : Aug 29, 2008: added "default" qualifier to highlighting commands
      Mar 15, 2010: added -bar to ToggleBlockHL so the Colorscheme autocmd
                    doesn't complain
      Mar 15, 2010: if g:blockhl_enabled is 1, then this plugin will begin
                    enabled (otherwise needs :ToggleBlockHL to be enabled/disabled)
      Mar 15, 2010: added DrChip menu item
 5  : Aug 23, 2004: ToggleBlockHL() function provided which toggles
                    between block-highlighting and no such highlighting
      Apr 12, 2005  vim version 700+ now uses the ColorScheme event
                    instead of CursorHold to restore block-highlighting
                    when the colorscheme is changed
 4  : Jul 01, 2004: optionally supports entire-line rather than just
                    leading whitespace
                    uses cursorhold to restore highlighting after a
                    colorscheme change
                    bugfix: an ALLBUT in cParen caused cCurly7
                    to do inside-() highlighting.
 3  : Jun 30, 2004: now supports dark and light background settings
 2  : Jun 24, 2002: has("menu") now part of test
 1  : the epoch   :

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