CVSconflict.txt       Cvs Conflict Visualizer         May 23, 2011

Author:  Charles E. Campbell, Jr.  <drNchipO@ScampbellPfamilyA.bizM>
          (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email to use)
Copyright: (c) 2005-2008 by Charles E. Campbell, Jr.    CVSconflict-copyright

1. Contents                                     CVSconflict-contents

        1. Contents.........................: CVSconflict-contents
        2. CVSconflict Manual...............: CVSconflict-man
        3. CVSconflict History..............: CVSconflict-history

2. CVSconflict                               CVSconflict-man

When one uses cvs to update local files, cvs will report that: >
  U     The file was updated without trouble.
  P     The file was updated without trouble (you will see this only when
         working with a remote repository).
  M     The file has been modified by another, but was merged without conflicts.
  C     The file has been modified by another, but was merged with conflicts.
The CVSconflict plugin works with the last type, conflict files.  Cvs will
insert sections such as >
  ...local version...
  ...repository version...
<                                         CVSconflict :CVSconflict
into your file where it couldn't decide what to do.  With such files, >


will open two vertically split windows and use vim's vimdiff engine to display
two variants of the file (the leftside will be the "local version" and the
right side will be the "repository version").  The two windows' buffers will
be named fileA.c and fileB.c, given the original name of file.c:
  |fileA.c | fileB.c|
Neither of these buffers have actually been written; when you're done
modifying them (using dp, do ]c, etc), pick one to save.  Please
remember that neither of the two buffers have exactly the same name
as the original file (with conflicts) when you do your saving.

                                                  CVSwa :CVSwb
One may pick a window to write to the file: >

        :CVSwa       writes buffer A (fileA.c) to file.c
        :CVSwb       writes buffer B (fileB.c) to file.c
The selected buffer's name is changed to file.c, too, to reflect the choice.

3. CVSconflict History                        CVSconflict-history

        v2 Apr 19, 2006 : included Plugin.CVS.Conflict into the menu
           Apr 08, 2008 : included :CVSwA and :CVSwB commands.
                          Menu item was missing <cr> to get its command
                        to execute -- fixed.
           May 23, 2011 : inserted keepj before 0d to protect jump list
        v1 Sep 28, 2005 : Initial version