*hilinks.txt*	Highlighting Links				Feb 18, 2016

Author:  Charles E. Campbell  <NcampObell@SdrPchip.AorgM-NOSPAM>
	  (remove NOSPAM from Campbell's email first)
Copyright: (c) 2008-2013 by Charles E. Campbell		*hilinks-copyright*
           The VIM LICENSE applies to hilinks.vim, and hilinks.txt
           (see |copyright|) except use "hilinks" instead of "Vim"

1. Contents					*hilinks* *hilinks-contents*
     1. Contents : ............................. |hilinks|
     2. Manual   : ............................. |hilinks-manual|
     3. History  : ............................. |hilinks-history|

2. Manual					*hilinks-manual*

MAPS						*hlt*
	\hlt  : reveals a linked list of highlighting from the top-level down
	        to the bottom level for the cursor position.  For vim 7.1
	        with patch 215, will also reveal the syntax stack at the cursor

COMMANDS					*:HLT* *:HLT!* *:HLTm*
	:HLT  : same as \hlt, but in a command format.
	:HLT! : same as \hlt, but will execute on every CursorMoved event,
	        so one can see the highlighting trace and syntax stack as
		one moves the cursor.  The next :HLT! will toggle this mode
		May enable mouse-based balloons, too (see |hilinks-beval|).
	:HLTm : same as :HLT! (provided so AsNeeded can trigger off it)
	:HLTX : like :HLT, but also converts the colors into an xterm-256-color
	:HLTX!: like :HLT!, but also converts the colors into an xterm-256-color

	NOTE: Vim 7.1 with patch#215 required for the syntax stack.

BEVAL						*hilinks-beval*
	By default and with |:HLT!|, if your vim supports |'beval'|, hilinks will enable
	beval and install a ballon expression (|'bexpr'|).  You can
	prevent that by putting >
		let g:hilinks_nobeval= 1
<	into your .vimrc .

	This feature means that a hovering mouse will show a highlighting
	trace when |:HLT!| is used to enable syntax and highlighting tracing
	as you move the cursor.

3. History					*hilinks-history*

   v4   Jan 10, 2008	* :HLT and :HLT! implemented
        Feb 29, 2008	* shows foreground and background definitions
	May 20, 2008	* (bugfix) wasn't working when patch#215 was missing
	Feb 23, 2009	* (bugfix) the map was missing the new argument
			* :HLTm implemented (so AsNeeded can use :HLTm)
	Feb 28, 2013	* |'beval'| usage implemented
	Apr 03, 2013	* included :HLTX and :HLTX! commands
	Feb 18, 2016	* Change =~ to =~# where appropriate

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